Why are art museums intimidating

03-Aug-2017 00:02

The Maya were prolific makers of carved stone-slab monuments, or stelae, which were normally set up within architectural complexes and most often portray specific, named individuals who were members of the hereditary dynasties that ruled Maya city-states.

This imposing figure is identified by the accompanying inscriptions as K’inich B’alam (Sun-Faced Jaguar), ruler of El Perú.

Curated by Dr Yongwoo Lee and Hans Ulrich Obrist, the exhibition in the Himalayas Art Museum brought together artists and researchers with the aim of proposing new strategies for alternative approaches and solutions to issues of social and environmental sustainability.

As this requires collaborative thinking between disciplines, Collective needed to bridge the gap between the specialized vocabularies of the sciences, the arts, and public interest.

By Heidi Moore | Museums can be intimidating places, especially for young people who lack familiarity with art history and its insider language.

Today a number of museum educators are seeking to change that—and, in the process, reimagine how visitors interact with artwork.

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The main headdress element, repeated in the ruler’s anklets, is the head of the Water-lily Snake, a deity symbolizing standing bodies of water and the earth’s abundance, and patron god of the number thirteen.So it's become something very foreign.” This foreignness, he thinks, is precisely what makes the prospect of visiting an art museum so intimidating for so many: we fear what we don’t understand.But by inserting art into the prosaic landscapes of our daily routines, he hopes Art Everywhere will provide people with a sense of familiarity, eventually making those museum walls seem more accessible and inviting.Writing in Art Museum Teaching, Chelsea Emelie Kelly, manager of digital learning at the museum, discusses an innovative program that invites local teens to study and interpret a work in the collection and then share their ideas about the work using digital media.

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The idea itself isn’t new—the museum has offered teen programming for more than 30 years—but the digital media component allows the museum to share these alternate viewpoints with a wider audience, both in person and on the program’s You Tube page.

The Kimbell stela was once part of a sculptural ensemble of three stelae displayed in a plaza at El Perú.